Whether you are planning a complete garden make-over or only need help in a particular area, we can assist you in every aspect of garden design, construction and maintenance.

Garden Design

We plan our gardens around your requirements, budget and lifestyle, and always take into account the surrounding environment, to deliver landscapes that are beautiful, sustainable and easy to maintain - at realistc prices! We implement and supervise every aspect of the project, from the initial consultation throughout the planting and construction stages, to ensure the end result fully meets your expectations. From the design of new borders for a small cottage garden to the construction of a large estate garden, every project is unique and requires a unique approach, however the following is an outline of the key stages of the design process, which usually apply:

Garden Maintenance

We are expert in organic garden management and can ensure your garden always looks at its best without the use of harmful chemicals. This will save you money and encourage wildlife, making your garden a lot more interesting. We undertake one-off jobs as well as ongoing regular maintenance, which is always tailored to your garden, your budget and your requirements. We can carry out all kinds of garden work, including:

Planting Schemes & Plant Supply

Plants are the most important part of any garden: they add texture and colour, provide shade, encourage biodiversity and screen out wind and noise. Used in drifts, they tie the different areas of the garden together and soften the hard landscaping, and are the perfect way to revive a tired space. We are expert in horticulture and can advise on the most suitable plants for your garden style and growing condition. We work with the most reputable nurseries in the area and can source and deliver at your door virtually any plant or trees at the very best prices, either as part of our complete design and planting package, or as a stand-alone service. Our areas of expertise include:

Landscape Construction

Whatever your vision, we have the experience and the equipment to carry out all kinds of construction and timberwork, from initial plan to completion. We offer a very individual level of service; our building and construction work is entirely carried out in-house, and we are famous for the quality of our workmanship. During the entire project Matthew will always be your point of contact, and because we do not have to rely on sub-contractors, we are able to work within the budget and timescale agreed with you, the customer. The following are examples of construction work we usually undertake:

Land Management

If you are a land owner or a land agent, we can effectively manage your estate, your woodland, or your field. Our services include: